Code Push migration to App Center

I’m currently using the Ionic Native wrapper for Code Push. I just learned that Code Push is migrating to Microsoft App Center, and a new SDK will be released in February 2018.

Is anyone from the Ionic team aware of this new Cordova SDK? Based on the migration plan documented by Microsoft, it looks like there is only a 1 month period where the new SDK is available to when the Code Push CLI will start being limited. I’m wondering if Ionic will be able to quickly generate a new Ionic Native wrapper when the new SDK comes out in February?

Ionic Native is a mainly community maintained project.

Is the new Cordova plugin for App Center “Code Push” (or whatever it will be called) already available? Then someone could already create a Ionic Native wrapper for it.

I see. No, I don’t believe the new flavor of “Code Push” will be ready until February. I was hoping an Ionic Native wrapper would be build soon after it is ready, since they seem to be aggressive in turning off old Code Push functionality.

It can be, if enough people are using that wrapper. But probably someone from the community would have to step up or at least get enough support behind it so someone else does.

But if the API of the new plugin is not known, noone can do anything :confused:

Thanks Sujan12. I was more curious if this is something where Ionic was working with Microsoft so that very soon after the API was known we’d have an Ionic Native wrapper.

I don’t know, may very well be happening in the background.