Firebase Invalid Registration on iOS


I am using the capacitor push notifications along with firebase.
Android works perfectly, but iOS never get the messages.

Using firebase console, i can send a push for both platforms and they get it.
But using the device token, it works for android but it complains about iOS token, InvalidRegistration.

The android token looks like this:

and the iOS looks token like this:

They look quite different, so i imagine iOS one may be wrong…

The code:

if (“mobile”) &&“hybrid”)) {

    (token: PushNotificationToken) => {


I have the same problem.
Have you been able to find the solution?


Yes, i solved the problem. I dont know if the problem persists nowadays, but at the time, this is what i did:

If the token has a “:”, then it returned an APNS token instead of a FCM Token. In this case, I call an API from google to convert it to FCM Token.

        application: '',
        sandbox: false,
        apns_tokens: [apnsToken],
        headers: new HttpHeaders({
          'Content-Type': 'application/json',

Remember that, for using Push Notifications in iOS, you need to configure the apple certificates.

Actually, they have solved it. Take a look at the DOCs