Ionic Capacitor - Photo Slide Carousel w/ zooming

I’m rather new on all of this ionic capacitor and only a beginner at npm and typescript, so now I’m getting confused by several different modules and their documentation.

I was really looking for a photo carousel / slide set viewer with the ability to really zoom in (full screen) on one photo.

Do I understand from the slides page that I’m NOT supposed to use <ion-slides ... > and <ion-slide ... > I am supposed follow the directions on the top of that page to use <swiper> and <ng-template swiperSlide>

There are all these extra swiper modules, but I’m supposed to guess which ones I might want to use from what information?

Apparently, from each module mentioned (but poorly described) on; for example Swiper API

So how do leverage that information for zooming when I use <swiper …> and <ng-template swiperSlide … > ?

My carousel / slider is on a page/screen with other stuff, so zooming in a little image that isn’t across a full phone screen isn’t ideal. Is there a feature to pop out to be full screen? If not what would I do to get a full screen image for zooming?