Ionic with Swiper

I am trying to create a app using Ionic and wanted to implement a carousel. I simply cannot find anything on how to even go about this as I am confronted with errors and the Ionic Documentation isn’t really helping (could possibly be unbeknownst about something). There isn’t much out there on the internet either as its either outdated or I am just confused on where to implement things. I am a complete beginner and don’t really have much knowledge on this so any help would be appreciated please.

Migrating from ion-slides to Swiper.js

Swiper.js is recommend for a modern touch slider component.

<swiper #swiper1 >
    <ng-template swiperSlide>
    <ng-template swiperSlide>
    <ng-template swiperSlide>
    <ng-template swiperSlide>


you will get step by step demonstration at
//Ionic 6 Angular Swiper JS with Autoplay, Effects, Scrolls, Navigation and more - YouTube

I followed the video but ended up stopping because I kept getting an error saying

Argument of type ‘SwiperModule’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘SwiperModule’.
Type ‘SwiperModule’ is missing the following properties from type ‘SwiperModule’: length, pop, push, concat, and 26 more.

Which also keeps pointing to


I don’t know where to go from here, also I don’t have a ’ components/swiper-slides ’ like the video does so maybe im not putting something somewhere correctly.

Lastly, I dont understand where I would input this as its giving me an error practically anywhere I put it

Uploaded the code of working demo at