Ionic build service - hard to find? -> CLI package command


Hey all,

I have read about the ionic build service a few times… But can’t seem to find much about it when I search. Best resource I found so far is:

This seems like a really interesting feature, which is actually a MUST for some company’s I’ve spoken to lately. They are currently using solutions that have build methods embedded, and they are afraid that by switching to ionic, they will have to either use phonegap build or supply their own build server. Using the ionic build service this would be no problem…

For my own projects, I would like to use the ionic cli’s package commands as well. Is there any chance that documentation and example’s are coming available anytime soon? I really miss this, even after google, the forums and the docs I only found 1 resource on this…


Yes we have the build service that beta testers could use, but it’s still in the process of being integrated with


Cool, I have subscribed for the release, another site I didn’t read a lot about even though I’m pretty active on the forums and with ionic… Hoping people searching for it will find this topic and find your link helpful :slight_smile: Ty @adam


@iwantwin Thanks for posting your question. Came across it looking for more info about the CLI 'package command. Just wanted to add that a little more information, about the new services, can be found at . Looking forward to the Build and Deploy services myself.