[SOLVED] Ionic2 build options comprehensive list and documentation



Is there a comprehensive list and documentation of the Ionic2 build script options somewhere?

If no, could we try to build one ? Often on the forum I read post of use of ionic build ios/android with --dev or --prod or --whatever and I’ve to say I’m a little bit lost about which options produce what with which goals

Actually I never use options, I always use following commands without options.

cmd / goals / cemarks:

  • ionic serve / debug locally my app / gonna start a local server which I could query use a browser thru the url http://localhost:8100

  • ionic build ios / build my app for ios

  • ionic build android / build my app for android

Thx you in advance for your help

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Just type ionic help and you’ll see all possible commands and options, or ionic help [command] for a specific command, e.g. ionic help serve.


Also check the ionic-app-scripts README.


Ahhhh there the --dev flag

build: Full production build. Use --dev flag for dev build.

thx @mirkonasato and @rapropos for all these sources of informations