Ionic + bower --> how does it work?

I search for an answer but did not find it that is why I am asking here… I hope someone can help/reply.

I already read

let’s say that I want to install an “angular plugin” with bower:
I use the cmd line:
bower install angular-uuid-service

and then what?
what do I need to do to be able to use this plugin in my ionic app? (my question is in fact: do I need to manually modify the index.html file to include the js files that have been downloaded by bower? if the answer is yes, then I do not see the point in using bower…)

Bower manages dependencies including transitive ones.

Your index.html can be manually updated or automatically updated by tools that uses bower files, for instance it could be a gulp task like wiredep, as an example this is what generator-m-ionic does.

There’s nothing specific to Ionic here, this is how frontend dev currently works.

Just use a boilerplate generator that does the wiredep after you bower install… eg:

Thank you very much for your answers.
I do not want to use “generator-ionic-gulp”.
Could you give a a link in which I would get the information about what to do exactly after my “bower install” command line.
I looked online there is a lot on gulp on grunt on yo on …
but that is not so easy to get the “beginner info” on how to add the “angular plugin” to your ionic project.

thanks in advance