How to put to work Ionic generator?

I have an Ionic app running with the basics of Ionic and running it in the browser by doing ionic serve, but I want some new stuff and run it trough the grunt serve command, also has the feature for JSLint, I am already using this scss this: GitHub - diegonetto/generator-ionic: Build hybrid mobile apps using the Ionic Framework and I see that have everything I want, how do I install that in my project?

Take into account that my project is almost done, I have almost 85 % already done.

Is this the part I need to follow up:


Make sure you’ve committed (or backed up) your local changes and install the latest version of the generator via npm install -g generator-ionic, then go ahead and re-run yo ionic inside your project’s directory.

The handsome devil is smart enough to figure out what files he is attempting to overwrite and prompts you to choose how you would like to proceed. Select Y for overwriting your Gruntfile.js and bower.json to stay up-to-date with the latest workflow goodies and front-end packages.

does this will bring some complications ? is there something else I need to know ?