Ionic autocompletion Question

i start learning angular js with ionic and sublimeText. i learn from tutorial i find in the internet.
in one of the video he write:


and press some key that i don’t know what it is and the following
lines are appears :
$ionicPlatform.ready(function(){ //…more code// }

.config(function($stateProvider , $ urlRouterProvider) { //more code }

which plugin he use and which keyboard shortcut he use?

Sounds like a case of ctrl + v, I think he plugged his keyboard in for this.

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Its from a video on pluralsight right? That was exactly my question when i came across it. I still do not think its a case of “Ctr + V” cus the word was REPLACED from “ion3” to that massive code. If it were to be “ctr + v”, then the “ion3” would still have been there after he pasted the code isnt it?

Pls reply cus i am really dying to find out.

are we talking about Michelotti’s tutorial? if so I think he was using something called snippets which do the automatic code completion.that is code wrote for him previously.