Ionic apps lose plugins on PhoneGap build?

Does anyone have their ionic project building on PhoneGapBuild, and the ngCordova plugins working?

I can run on local devices and emulators fine, but as soon as I do a PhoneGapBuild release build, I lose all the plugins.

Or specifically, $window.cordova is not null, but $window.cordova.plugins and $window.plugins is null.

if you are using phonegap build you need to add the plugins manually to your config.xml… so a phonegap build project contains the index.html and the config.xml and all other sources.

plugins are added with the xml-tag gap:plugin-tag

<gap:plugin name="" />

or with the new npm syntax :slight_smile:

Thanks @bengtler. I had added them, but I’ve realised the crux of the problem is that the config.xml is at the root of the project, whereas PhoneGapBuild expects it in www.

PhoneGap build is seeing the plugins now that’s put a copy in www (at least in their UI), but I now realise that the cordova plugins that back the ngCordova wrappers aren’t all supported by PhoneGapBuild. Twould appear ionic and pgb aren’t all quite on the same page as yet…