Problem deploying app with Phonegap build


Hey guys,

I’ve built out my app with Ionic and now I’m ready to deploy it, however I’m having issues getting my plugins to work properly. Building the app and running cordova emulate ios results in the app running on the emulator correctly, and ionic run android makes it run on an Android phone as well. However, I’m trying to build out the IPA and APK for iOS and Android, respectively, with Phonegap Build and everytime I run a build the result is the same–no plugins found and an error message of “[ERROE] Error initializing Cordova: Class not found” (when testing on both the iPhone 5S and an HTC One).

Amongst the things I’ve tried are

  • Changing config.xml to use <gap:plugin name="", and index.html to include phonegap.js instead of cordova.js.
  • Included both cordova.js and phonegap.js
  • Rolled back Phonegap from 3.5 to 3.4

Other information:

  • I’m on Cordova 3.5
  • The app was scaffolded with Ionic
  • The plugins I’m trying to include are: vibration, camera, and toast (all from ngCordova)

I’d love any help you can throw at me. Thanks!

Ionic PhoneGap Build deviceready has not fired using Device plugin

I’m also having this issue with PhoneGap Build.

I’ve also tried editing the the config.xml file:

<widget ... xmlns:gap="">
<gap:plugin name="com.ionic.keyboard" />

When I do the remote debugging through PhoneGap Build I can now see window.cordova.plugins.Keyboard.hideKeyboardAccessoryBar() but it still doesn’t work.

Any ideas?