Ionic Apps - Automated Testing Service

We are inclined towards going with Ionic 2 for our app development. But not able to find good information on automated testing of Ionic 2 apps on multiple devices.

Does Ionic provide any kind of service or platform for Ionic 2 apps (with native functionality in Cordova) to be tested on multiple devices (Android, iOS, Windows)? If not, does anybody know if there is any such service available elsewhere? Just to be clear, I am not talking about vendors who probably has resources (people) who would provide QA and testing services.

We are looking for some kind of automation tool. Something like what Xamarin provides with its Xamarin Test Cloud service. I am not sure if they do it for non-Xamarin apps as well, checking with them.


Not so sure. But I think if you’re doing UI testing, you can test the app on AWS Device Farm. If you’re just testing out the Ionic 2/Angular 2 components then you can just run regular Angular 2 tests on your local machine or any CI service (such as CircleCI or TravisCI).

@ihadeed - thanks for the reply, appreciated.

I was looking at Amazon Device Farm also but it appears they don’t support Windows phone testing.

Right, if is was just Ionic 2/Angular 2 we could have used Angular 2 test or a combination of Jasmine, Karma and Protractor with a continuous integration tool like you mentioned. But our app is going to have some native functionality also.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

Hi, Did you identify any solution to automated testing for native functionality?

Hi @msn100000, we ended up doing it on our own with manual testing mainly in addition to unit and end-to-end testing.

We did look into some vendors when I was working on this and I think we were thinking of going with Telerik’s or Xamarin’s testing farm.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for letting us know gauz09. Thanks again!