Automation testing service recommended for Ionic apps?

Hi all,

Just wanted to ask whether there’s an automation service that is recommended for Ionic apps (basically for cordova apps).? Any suggestions?

something like Appthwack / Xamarin … etc.


That is a very important issue for us.
We are testing with protractor (phantomjs with different webdrivers) and unit tests only on desktop browsers, yet.

All energy we pushed in the topic of automatically testing on mobile devices or mobile-emulation comes to nothing :frowning:

Basically the simplest way to build something like CI-testing --> connect an own local machine with your repositories (on gitHub or Bitbucket, …) and use the webhooks or use a cron-job that runs every 30min that checks out latest commits and run your testcases on it.

For public projects you can run unit tests for free on services like travis or

But you are right there you have no really testing of native functionallity.
We have projects which based on sqlite cordova plugin, but we do not found a way to check that part of codes in a way want.

We use Ranorex for this, but got some problems since we are using Crosswalk for Android.
But still works good for iOS and “normal” Android Apps.