Ionic app professional templates


Hi Guys, Are there any best designer tools for ionic apart from ionic creator which does the heavy lifting and any ionic design templates not basic but professional one etc…

Paid or free any thing


In a professional way you would layout your design via mockups… in the simplest way you do sketching by hand.

After that you just style your layout maybe not all views but the main views and the base components (radio buttons, checkboxes, button-styles, …)
But there you can use any graphic-tool… free like gimp or pro tool like adobe illustrator.

Something like ionic creator is maybe fine for building clickable prototypes, but finally the design is made with another tool maybe another person (ui-designer) and you will build the source code on your own.


Hi Bengt,
is there a Sketch Template for Ionic RC0 ?
Something like this but up-to-date :wink:


Nope, i do not know any sketch template for ionic.

But you could try the ionic creator for those things.