Using sketch to design my app in Ionic


I am an individual working on Ionic:

I am working as the developer, and designer.

I want to find the best way to design a good looking UI for my ionic apps and I’ve heard good things about Sketch

My questions are::

After designing in Sketch, whats the next step? do I have to reproduce the design using HTML + CSS? or is there a simpler way? like design the UI in Sketch with images and styling and colors and then somehow import it into Ionic.

is there a better software for designing UI than Sketch?

Note: I dont know anything about Sketch except what I read online, I have yet to buy it, because I am trying to decide whats best for me.


I don’t know of any connection between Sketch and Ionic - so you have to recreate it manually.


You create mockups with sketch but you can’t export mocks to Ionic.