Wireframing / Mockups (Ionic Creator / Jetstrap / Codiqa)


Hi all,
I am wondering what would be the best wireframe / mockup tool to use?
I have tested Ionic Creator, but this is in very early stages and isn’t sufficient for my needs.
Then I Googled if there are wireframe / mockup tools that use components from Ionic, I came across:

  1. Jetstrap
  2. Codiqa

Both of these tools seem to work together with the Ionic team. But I do not see any Ionic components in there demo. Codiqa has even joined the Ionic team. Maybe they will expand the features of Ionic Creator?

So what would be best? Use Codiqa for now? Or even another tool?
@mhartington: Sorry to add you again, but could you shine a light on this? Thanks!



ionic creator is good to hack something together really fast, but i think until now it does not have the functionalities to use it in a very professional way.

So to build professional mockups or click-test dummy for customers i prefer codiqua.

You do not need the ionic-components in there… because you are creating mockups… you can also make sketches by hand.

Mockups are there to get an idea what views will be there and how they are structured.
After that you will make a screendesign where you put together the final layout.

So do not waste too much money/time for mockups.


So funny that you mention jetstrap and codiqa…those were two products that we made :grin:

Creator is being actively being worked on and updated so expect to see more soon :thumbsup:


Hey Mark,

I joined the Ionic team a few months ago and am working on Creator full time now to make it even more of a viable solution.

There’s going to be a new release in the next few weeks that is going to come with some really awesome stuff in my opinion:

  • Improved Export Functionality (will export like Angular/Ionic projects you’re used to)
  • Advanced Routing Functionality. You’ll be able to have multiple pages inside of each tab for instance, and Creator will automagically make sure that your routing and links go to the right places.
  • A good amount of bug fixes
  • And it’s going to use Ionic V1.0 now!!

I’d love it if you could shoot me an email sometime about your experience and why you think it’s not sufficient for your needs yet, you can hit me up at matt[at]ionic.io. I hope this new release will change your mind though :wink:

Also, I may be doing a small “private beta” before the release. Let me know if you’d be interested in trying it out.

Have a good one,



I use Proto.io to mockups, but use Creator to create skeleton for any project.
“PRIVATE BETA” is now open or not? Don’t find anything on website.

I’m interested to try out if possible.


I’ll be announcing it / getting feedback from testers in the new Ionic Worldwide Slack group. Join in here for the announcement when I make it :thumbsup: