localStorage not working on native divice

Good day to all, I am saving data locally, I started using ngStorage and in the browser it all looks great, master & detail screens. When testing in IOS the master page opens perfectly but when trying to view the detail page it does not display, and it suddenly breaks the navigation (Using the starters ionic sidemenu emplate).

Somewhere I read that the ngStorage had issues with IOS but that angular-local-storage had no issues with IOS, after switching to the new Module, I get the same isue. Browser works perfect but detail page does not.

Any body has had same isues? Is it a storage problem with IOS that I am not aware of?

Any guidance or tips will be VERY appreciated, if you want acess to my code feel free to ask.

Happy coding and thanks a lot.


After some trial and error and some debuging, it turns out that the GoogleMaps module I am using is the one causing the problem.

Thanks to all and Happy Coding.

You can learn more about localStorage and sessionStorage here - http://www.codeandyou.com/2015/07/difference-between-sessionstorage-and.html