Ionic App looking very strange on Android device

Hi, I have a problem: I developed a app and tried it on my iphone. It was all fine. Also in the Android Emulator.

Not I run it on a real android device, and it’s just looking terrible and I dont know why.
First off all the List elements:

there is a strange border in every element

the next thing is the tab-bar:

there is a strange line and the text is at the left bottom.

I even don’t know why.

here is how it looks on the iphone and the android simulator:

why there is such a big difference and how to fix this issues?

Please setup some codepen so we can see your code, its hard to know without seeing the code


What’s your device and OS version?

motorola razor I with android 4.1.2

Already seen it and only on RAZRi devices can be replicated.
Tried lots of emulators but had no success.

The problem is that custom elements that should have 100% width aren’t “block” at all.
Seem to be a specific android browser version issue.

Okay, so this is a razr i specific problem.

tank you very much.