Error rendering list width Motorola RAZRi 4.1.2


Well, this happened when using ionic in the phone of a friend of mine. I have no idea why it happens.
All I can say is that, if the problem is on ionic, it is a deal breaker. The problem doesn’t happen on my MotoG.



@mhartington heard about it?


Hmmm, never heard or saw this before…

Any chance you could try out one of the sample list app from codepen?


The stock browser renders it all wrong… Like if width 100% wasn’t working.


Any chance you could use weinre and see why the right styles aren’t being applied?

I dont have a RAZRi so I can really test this.


Hey @mhartington! So I spent some minutes checking this issue and it seems that the main issue is: directive-elements aren’t recognized as block, but probably as inline-block.

I did a quick check with the following:

ion-list, ion-view, ion-item {
    display: block;
    width: 100%;

And some stuff started working… After some tweaks I noticed that just adding the display: block was enough.

I tried to find differences between a MotoG and the RAZRi and it was kinda hard:

Body class for RAZRi platform-android platform-cordova platform-webview grade-b platform-browser platform-android4 platform-android4_1 platform-ready

Body class for MotoG platform-android platform-cordova platform-webview grade-a platform-browser platform-android4 platform-android4_4 platform-ready

The only difference was this grade-a and grade-b, so my suggestion/idea is to identify a bit better when the device uses an older/non-chrome engine and add some ion-support class. And inside of this create some supporting styles.

I will try to work a bit more at home today.

For now I believe I had enough information :smile:


Hmm, still with the platform grades, this shouldn’t change the whole display value.

Mind posting an issue for this and include the info you’ve found?


Took some time to test in a older device and it worked ok…
I think there’s somethig messed up with that device…