Windows 10 Support?


While i am building my app on win10 i find error like this:
"You may not have the required environment or OS to build this Project. Error code:1"
I install all environment and make path.
But i think there is an error on OS. I using win 10 pro.
Is ionic support win10?


This is less of an ionic issue, but more of a cordova issue.
By windows 10 support, do you mean will we run on a windows10 computer? Or will you be able to make apps for windows10?


So desktop platforms once upon a time were officially supported by Cordova, and now they’re not. They were user maintained and kind of fizzle out. But in come!

He did a stellar post that combines the world of Ionic and the world of desktop, however if you’re not familiar with the abstraction of the ionic CSS/Angular portion vs the cordova side of things it might be kind of hard to set up but he gives you a pretty detail guide.

This would be the way of Windows 10. We don’t have Windows 10 mobile so there’s no telling what cordova will do with that, but I assume they’ll hop on as soon as it’s out.