Ionic FCM customization

HI All,

I’m working with Cordova hybrid mobile application.
I’m using ionic 3/angular 4 .
in my application there is a scenario where as we get a call over IP**(openTok)** from web side we need to initialize and have to receive call from the web.
It is happening fine whenever app is in foreground.

For Background process like when app is not running we are using FCM where FCM will first notify the application in the notification tray of android.

We used Background mode plugin also but no luck.
But when app is in background application is not Triggering even if we receive the notification.

Expected Behavior from FCM

  1. whenever app is in background whenever i get notification without showing in notification tray it has to initiate with opentok and has to open the call modal
  2. we are handling when app is in forground

I’m not sure whether this can be done from ionic/angular side or it is platform specific.

I am not sure if this can be done at all in an app - do you have examples of apps that do it this way?

@Sujan12 HI you have any idea about how to open an app whenever u got notification in background from FCM/GCM?

See my previous post. I would really hate that if an app did this.

Then how skype and whatsapp working? Do u have any alternative solutions…?

Why are you using two different accounts to post?

I don’t know how Skype and Whatsapp are exactly doing it. That is why I asked