Do a task in background (display call screen when app is closed)


I have an application who receive calls via WebRTC and WebSockets. The call works well when the app is open.

When the app is closed, we receive a push notification to signal us that we have a call.

I also have a plugin to launch the default call screen of Android and iOS.

My question is : how can I display the call screen (like WhatsApp) when we have a call and the app is closed ?

I saw there is VoipPush for iOS, but there is no equivalent for Android.

Is there a solution who works for iOS and Android ?

Thank you.

Does anyone have a track to follow?

@Jean57640 Hi, Were you able to find any solution? Can you please share here with us, what approach did you follow?
I am creating an ionic app and I am also facing this same challenge. There is a cordova plugin “background-mode”, but I am not sure if that would be advisable to keep entire application running in background for one functionality.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @divyasmehta, No, unfortunately I couldn’t find a solution with Ionic for this…
I think the only solution is to go through native development (and to use VoipPush for iOS).

Indeed, the background-mode plugin doesn’t keep the application active. The application is juste in background during few minutes.

okay, thanks for replying back.