Ionic Angular vs Ionic React Performance?

I am a long time Angular user here and would always read articles how React UI performs better than Angular. I am just seeing any one here have tried building Ionic app in both Angular and React and see a noticeable difference in performance between the two languages?

Not tried that one. Still stick to angular for now. I like to stick to be expert in a framework from A-Z rather than jumping from a framework to another just because another framework is faster in term of performance. What matter most is how I develop thing faster (development time) due to I am used to use it. Just my opinion

Thanks for your input I love using Angular due to is strong structure and forces best practice. But just keen to see if there is actually a performance difference in Ionic especially as a PWA.

Haven’t given a try but I must be really easy to spin two projects with ionic start, like the tabs, publish as PWA and then do lighthouse tests to compare.

Don’t forget to time the NPM i time, time to spin-up the dev server first time and second time. And time to refresh when code is changed.

It’s not just about UX performance imho, but also DX.

There are pros and cons between Angular and React. Performance-wise, I don’t see any noticeable difference, but development-wise, there is a liberating feeling in using React in some ways. Don’t get me wrong, I too come from the land of Angular, and I still do a lot of work with Angular, but I can see why people enjoy building on React too. It’s a matter of preference.

Having said that, Ionic is the best way for you to give React a try because a lot of the UI components are very similar, here’s a video where I describe the similarities: