Ionic android --release not working

Hey guys, i know it’s basically a Cordova problem but my app works fine on android without --release, but else will not install. Android will say : Application not installed.

I tried to moify the debug from AndroidManifest to false, and so on, but it still won’t work, even tho it was’nt there (missing from the parameters, i added it ). Also i have install unrecognized apps setting on. Must it be signed or something like that to work? It’s giving me nightmares

Yes, the app must be signed if you use cordova build android --release.

Please read the Ionic build instructions in the guide for a step by step description of what you have to do:

you mean it has to be signed to run on an emulator for example? i’m not talking about posting to App store, i read the instructions. But , why is my android debuggable property missing from Manifest anway…

If you want to run it in an emulator like Genymotion, you don’t have to build it with --release. You can just run cordova build android. You also don’t have to sign the resulting .apk file with jarsigner.

If you want to run it on an actual device which doesn’t have debug mode enabled, you do have to build it with --release and you have to run jarsigner and zipalign before installing your .apk on your device.

did you have debug version of your application already installed on device when you trying to install release version?, if yes, try to uninstalled it first and then try to install release version again.

I made it work after i signed it. It seems like it would’nt take it if i just emulate --release .Weird.

Hi, i have truble, after --release my ajax request stop wroking? how can i enable debuging in release apk ?

I have the same problem. Ajax calls are block when testing on real device with --release build.
I have no problem when testing on the same device but building without “–release”

Any idea ?

use this ionic build android --release --prod