Ionic and Visual Studio 2017

This is my VS 2017:
Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017
Version 15.5.7
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.7.03053

Installed Version: Enterprise

Visual Basic 2017 00369-60000-00001-AA530
Microsoft Visual Basic 2017

Visual C# 2017 00369-60000-00001-AA530
Microsoft Visual C# 2017

Visual F# 4.1 00369-60000-00001-AA530
Microsoft Visual F# 4.1

Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio Package 8.10.01106.1
Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio

ASP.NET and Web Tools 2017 15.0.31129.0
ASP.NET and Web Tools 2017

ASP.NET Core Razor Language Services 1.0
Provides languages services for ASP.NET Core Razor.

ASP.NET Web Frameworks and Tools 2017 5.2.51007.0
For additional information, visit

Azure App Service Tools v3.0.0 15.0.31106.0
Azure App Service Tools v3.0.0

Azure Data Lake Node 1.0
This package contains the Data Lake integration nodes for Server Explorer.

Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio 2.2.9000.1
Microsoft Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio

Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio 2.2.9000.1
Microsoft Azure Data Lake Tools for Visual Studio

Common Azure Tools 1.10
Provides common services for use by Azure Mobile Services and Microsoft Azure Tools.

JavaScript Language Service 2.0
JavaScript Language Service

JavaScript Project System 2.0
JavaScript Project System

Microsoft Azure HDInsight Azure Node 2.2.9000.1
HDInsight Node under Azure Node

Microsoft Azure Hive Query Language Service 2.2.9000.1
Language service for Hive query

Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics Language Service 2.2.9000.1
Language service for Azure Stream Analytics

Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics Node 1.0
Azure Stream Analytics Node under Azure Node

Microsoft Azure Tools 2.9
Microsoft Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 - v2.9.51120.3

Microsoft Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio 0.3
Simplifying the configuration of continuous build integration and continuous build delivery from within the Visual Studio IDE.

Microsoft JVM Debugger 1.0
Provides support for connecting the Visual Studio debugger to JDWP compatible Java Virtual Machines

Microsoft MI-Based Debugger 1.0
Provides support for connecting Visual Studio to MI compatible debuggers

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Containers 1.1
Develop, run, validate your ASP.NET Core applications in the target environment. F5 your application directly into a container with debugging, or CTRL + F5 to edit & refresh your app without having to rebuild the container.

Node.js Tools 1.4.11025.7
Adds support for developing and debugging Node.js apps in Visual Studio

NuGet Package Manager 4.5.0
NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio. For more information about NuGet, visit

Redgate ReadyRoll
Extend DevOps processes to your SQL Server databases and safely automate database deployments.

Visit for more information.

Copyright © 2011 Red Gate Software Ltd. All rights reserved.

This software contains components from Component Owl.
SQL Server is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Visual Studio is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

ReadyRoll contains code from the following open source software:

SQL LocalDB Wrapper
Extended WPF Toolkit
Code InfoBox VSX

This product contains icons from distributed under a free backlink license.

For license details or other notices relating to the above software, please see NOTICE.TXT and EULA.rtf in the ReadyRoll application folder.

Redgate SQL Prompt
Write, format, and refactor SQL effortlessly

Snapshot Debugging Extension 1.0
Snapshot Debugging Visual Studio Extension Detailed Info

SQL Server Data Tools 15.1.61710.120
Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools

ToolWindowHostedEditor 1.0
Hosting json editor into a tool window

TypeScript Tools 15.5.11025.1
TypeScript Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code Debug Adapter Host Package 1.0
Interop layer for hosting Visual Studio Code debug adapters in Visual Studio

Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova 15.123.6829.2
Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

Can I use it with Ionic for mobile development? Is it any better than Android Studio?


Of course you can use it with Visual Studio.

I use it with VS since I worked with it several years already so I am used to it and don’t see any reason to switch.

Why you should go with VS (my opinion).

  1. Plugin friendly
  2. Easy to hook up with a git repository
  3. (VS is used by most Companies so you will already get used to it if you would switch Companies)
  4. Much community support
  5. If you implemented all your plugins for cordova/typescript/etc it will automaticly detect the codelines as such.

This is just a small input from my side.

I actually didn’t used Android Studio much since I’ve never had the need to because VS gave me all the stuff I needed!
I bet there are some more pros and cons for it same as for VS!

I hope you find your perfect Software for it :blush::bird:

Just a random 2 cents, Visual Studio Code is a better option than Microsoft Visual Studio. By far, in my opinion.

Better presentation, not bloated with random stuff, faster.

You can definitely use VS2017 like @cherry said. If you already use it for something else and you don’t want to switch to another IDE, that’s your choice. I’d give a try to the recommended IDEs though as most people here would be using that.

How I do I configure VS 2017 so I can do my Ionic/Angular/Android development?

Download Visual Studio Code and start any project with it…no special setting required for that.
Visual Studio Code is the best code editor ever made in my opinion. It’s intelligent… the only downside is its loading speed is sometimes slow due to too much info loaded to software.
If Microsoft enhance overall speed of VS Code, I’m staying with VS Code for life.

It doesn’t have intellicence for styles. For example, you type in “he” but you are getting height. At least that is how it’s working for me.

Also, I was thinking that with Visual Studio I could test my app in Android emulator just like I can in Android Studio. Am I wrong?

I use VS Code and Genymotion combo. Try Genymotion android emulator… it’s the best ever made.

I am already paying for VS, don’t want to pay for another software.

Genymotion is free and I think it’s the best android emulator.

Choose ‘I’m using genymotion to play games’ option… and you won’t be charged. This needs Oracle Virtual Box installed first.

I find genymotion to be more efficient because it takes less than 7 minutes to run a virtual android OS.

According to the link you are providing only Trial version can be downloaded.

Please search on google …