Projekt file (sln) for Visual Studio 2017 with working Ionic 3

Hello there!

I would like to use Visual Studio 2017 with Ionic 3. I know VS Code and it worked great so far, but I need VS 2017 to be able to use the embedded UWP/Win10 Simulator. Also we use VS 17 and to switch to VSC would annoy some co-workers…

Nevertheless, I used available ionic 2 templates for VS 2017, created a new ionic 3 project (with cordova 8) via ionic-cli and copied taco.json, file.jsproj and file.sln file to the ionic 3 folder. I renamed the files and the folder. After starting with VS 2017 I get a notification that I need to upgrade the project file and that newer typescript-versions needs to be downloaded. I got that from

Now I have the following problems:

  • If I build the app for android I can see in the NPM Task Runner that ionic:build isn’t running!
    I was able to solve this. The package.json needs:
  "-vs-binding": {
    "BeforeBuild": [
  • After the build is finished I see that the apk is located under :\Users\hgr\Desktop<pathToProject>\platforms\android\app\build\outputs\apk\debug\app-debug.apk. Normally Visual Studio would now use adb to install the apk on a connected android device. But sadly I get a ‘apk not found’ error.

Any help pls? Thanks!


I was able to solve the second problem. I have a working Ionic3 Visual Studio 2017 project.
You can find it here