Ionic and Firebase - does it still gel?

Firebase has changed a fair bit. The old Firebase website had a specific Ionic and Angularfire section.

The new Firebase site doesn’t.

In fact the instructions on the new site are quite different, to an amateur like me.

Has anyone using Ionic and Firebase, or Angularfire, had any problems? I’d really like to use Firebase, in it’s old form, as my Ionic project was going to pull content that is stored as JSON from Firebase.


I have used the new firebase with ionic.

I have found that the old documentation work as fine. If you want just follow the old docs with the new firebase url.

I’m going to try migrate to Ionic 2 and the new Firebase.

See login, database and storage sample here

That was quick!

Are you stalking me?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, thanks! I’ll check it out.