Setup Firebase (Google Analytics) with Ionic V1

Hello Good People of Ionic,

I am working on an Ionic V1 application and Google is now pushing everyone to use Firebase rather than the standard Google Analytics as of October 2019… Is there a tutorial out there for setting up Firebase with Ionic V1?

I can find recent documentation for V3, but the project structure is very different so I am confused about how to implement.

I am a beginner with app development. Any insights would be very appreciated!



Hey mikrochipkid,

Thank you for your response. It seems like Google has taken control of Firebase so this tutorial is a little behind what Firebase looks like now. I appreciate the help though; I don’t think this tutorial will work at this point because of the recent changes.

Let me know if you have any recent tutorials on Firebase and Ionic V1.

Thanks a million,


I doubt there will be any new tutorials with V1. Your best bet is to make in Ionic 3 or 4. There are a tons of tutorials for those versions.

Thanks Mikrochipkid. Is there an easy way to upgrade a v1 app to v3/4?

Unfortunately there is not, but here is the documentation to make the transition from ionic 3 to ionic 4. I would just make a new project and try to transfer code over carefully. Good luck.