Is AngularFire required to use Firebase in Ionic?

Hello folks! :slight_smile: I’m building a map-based app with ionic2 w/ another person that doesn’t know nothing about Angular/Ionic, and she is working with the Firebase backend using JavaScript SDK.

My job is UI and merging her job with the Ionic project (not the best workflow, I know…), and many tutorial suggests using AngularFire2. But reading a bit about it, seems to require a lot of reworking for for in it’s syntax so I’m wishing using the default JS SDK in Ionic 2 to avoid that reworking.

Is that possible/viable? I’m new at the community, so some concepts in Angular2/Typescript i didn’t get yet, like using non-Angular libraries in the project.

Thanks a lot! And sorry for the sloopy english, I’m brazilian.

Yes it is possible.
You also can use them both.
I recommand you to use angularfire for integration in ionic but i also have project with firebase only.
You can start without angularfire, and the day you’ll need it, add it to your project.

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Thank you a lot! :smiley:
But what do you mean when talks about ionic integration? It´s a matter of performance or feature?

It’s easier to display infos in realtime with angularfire, but firebase only works really well.
It’s more about features than performances. But i have never encountered any problem in angularfire that i haven’t with firebase only.

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