Ionic and Bootstrap (styling)

I copied code from other project, and I want to use MaterializeCSS framework for styling. But I have problem and some clashes. I didn’t install Bootstrap in my project, I have checked in bower.json, package.json, and www/lib, there are not Bootstrap file/ depencies. But I can use bootstrap class in my project. Why ? Is the Twitter Bootstrap included in Ionic project ? So I don’t need to install bootstrap again ??

*note : I just want to use materializecss without bootstrap, but for now, many clashes. May be this thread is similar with this one IONIC CSS and Bootstrap .

Thank’s for your help.

I don’t know if this is any good to you but ionic has material design
There is coding samples on the website

Hope this helps

Yes, I know it. What do you think about ionic material ? Is ionic material lighter than just ionic ? I’ve tried that, but still didn’t know what different of both, except the views.

It’s just an extension to the library it doesn’t interfere with the coding of the rest of the app. I’m going to be using ionic material in the next few days I can let you know how I get on with it if you like?

oke, I’m waiting for that :smile: