Ionic and Bootstrap 3

Hi all

Does anyone know if Ionic plays nicely with Bootstrap V3x


Not sure about bootstrap as far as pure css, but I’ve used angular-ui which is bootstrap in directives and it worked well.

sorry for late reply but been on water and no internet for a few weeks
thanks for reply - i am more interested in using the bootstrap css at this stage but i am expecting it to clash with ionic css

Part of Angular-UI is that it includes bootstraps css.

So far there aren’t any issues, but make sure that you include Bootstrap before Ionic.

i will give it a go

I noticed the class name “row” clashes because both frameworks use that word; for example bootstrap css adds margin-left:-15px for “row” divs. But when I use the “customize” page on and uncheck everything (or at least the “grid” feature I guess) then that conflict goes away (along with functionality you might want!)

Good point, I forgot that you can do custom build of bootstrap ( I haven’t worked with bootstrap in a while).

Are there some updates?

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