Ionic 6 with pure Javascript

Is there a way to use pure javascript to build an Ionic 6 app? The learning curve for both Angular and React is turning out to be pretty big for me. I miss the Angular.js and Ionic 1.0 days. It took me a week to learn both Angular.js and Ionic and my app prototype was ready in 2 weeks.

This answer was from a few years ago but should still be correct. Build app without framework, possible?

and here some docs: Ionic Framework Packages: CDN, Angular, Vue, and React

Yeah I saw that. The driving with Angular is turning into a more like riding a ship with sails. Just simple things like conditional formatting / item button color changes requires awful amount of effort. Google’s Angular team have over engineered the language.

I started trying to tweak the ionic conference app: from github. The kitchen sink is really difficult to tease apart.

Then I stumbled onto this blog post from Josh Morony He also has helpful youtube videos, though his book has not been updated for ionic6.

You have to upgrade his github code for Ionic 6 ( e.g. add h to all stencil imports). I finally got some content to render with the ionic-router.

Hope this can get you started. It’s been longer than the 2 weeks I had hoped for my prototype. But I’m moving forward now with this info.