Ionic 6 vite build gives blank screen


Following these steps to create a simple ionic app.

  • npm run dev works as expected with both react and ionic

  • vite build with just react before adding the ionic components works as expected (using npx http-server)

  • vite build after adding ionic components displays blank screen with no console errors

This is all in browser, no devices added.

Is this a known issue or perhaps am I missing something obvious?

Any help much appreciated!

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Do you have an example app that I can try?

I have the same problem. Here’s an example repo: GitHub - neorth/vite-ionic-react-typescript

do you have android studio installed?

I see <tagname> in the DOM instead of <ion-app>. Would you mind opening an issue on Issues · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub? We can look into it a bit more there.

Thanks for helping with this question!

Spoke with the team and this looks to be related to feat(loader): inject import statements that are statically analyzable by johnjenkins · Pull Request #2959 · ionic-team/stencil · GitHub.

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