Ionic 6 / Capacitor 4 - Android Splash Screen is being streched

You may have just tested with one or two plugins and built the app. Obviously, it’ll work fine.

Try firebase-messaging, firebase-analytics plugins, @capacitor-community/capacitor-googlemaps-native - npm.

Also, try generating cordova resources with different images (except default Ionic graphics) and you’ll see the splash screen is being stretched.

I’m having the same problem, but it’s only on android.

any update? I’m facing this issue too.

I’m thinking of switching to Flutter or React too, since month 8 they still haven’t fixed it.

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Yes, very commercial, high prices for their own plugins, and as a result maintaining community plugins feels like giving free labor to a corporation.

I came here with the same problem - the splash screen was stretched/squashed.

I regenerated my splash screen with the tool @Hills90210 linked to GitHub - ionic-team/capacitor-assets: Local Capacitor icon/splash screen resource generation tool and this worked. The previous one had been generated by capacitor-resources and it was the problem.

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How so? what’s your source that claim these false allegations?

What needs fixing?

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None of these are allegations but with proof. You can go through this thread again and see what’s happening.

Not just me, but many people are facing these issues.

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Also, you might not face this with placeholder resources of Ionic but place a new icon.png and splash.png in the resources folder with as mentioned dimensions and then generate resources. After that build the APK and you’ll find it.

Also there are multiple issues with official plugins like:

Temporarily, I used two versions of the plugin to build the app for both platforms. The latest version for iOS and old versions for Android.

Such issues show the negligence of the community product but the team is only focused on the commercial version of the Ionic Framework.

You aren’t a good source for your allegations. You just sound spiteful since nothing seems to be working for you. So let me enlighten you a bit.

Ionic does NOT control these plugins. The the plugins are owned by a random developers. if something is not working, your first place of getting help is the github repo! It’s more than likely your answer will be there. If no one seems to want to help you via their own plugin, then that says a lot of the plugin. It’s simple, don’t use it…

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those are not official plugins, and they are not Capacitor plugins

social-sharing-plugin was released 3 weeks ago with Android 12 support (by the plugin author)
BOM support for Cordova plugin dependencies was added in Capacitor CLI 4.1.0, released 5 weeks ago

Capacitor official plugins are the ones listed here and they are maintained

You sound ridiculous. I don’t have time to waste with you but tell you what’s wrong.

FYI, all plugins are listed on your official website (we only install them using the official documentation):

And here’s the blog by the Ionic team (A New Chapter for @ionic-native - Ionic Blog) that says they’ve given access to all plugins to one person named Daniel (I’m not sure if you’re Daniel talking).

Anyways, it was nice working with Ionic for the last 3 years. Have a bright future.

I’ve made my decision to not use it anymore.


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I’ve been trying to fix this for weeks now and I still get a stretched splash image with an app name and a stretched icon on top.

I have a OnePlus 8T on Android 12 that I test on.

This is a showstopper for me in regards to using Capacitor 4.

Hope someone finds a solution.

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Are you using cordova-res or @capacitor/assets to generate your splash images?

Is it possible there is no news?

On Xiaomi smartphones with Capacitor 4, you can’t see the splash screen at all, whereas on other smartphones you can see it but it’s stretched.
Finally on Android 12+ you can see the app icon but that’s also fine.

That’s an Android 12 bug, it’s mentioned on the Splash Screen plugin docs.

On Android 12 the Splash Screen is part of the OS and won’t show when you open the app from Android Studio, but will show if you open the app from the app icon (except if using some launchers that seem to open the apps in a different way than regular launcher).

Since the splash screen is part of the OS, there is no way of fixing it. this affects all apps, doesn’t matter which framework they use (cordova, capacitor, react native, flutter, native apps, unity, etc.)

Google has fixed it for Android 13, but won’t fix it for Android 12 since it’s not a security issue.

For those still having issues with splash screen still – A community member @aparajita just created a new splashscreen plugin : [Announce] Better splash screens are here!

Maybe try this and see if you have better luck?


You will definitely have better luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

As noted in my plugin docs, Android 12+ imposes strict constraints on the type and size of splash images, and I assume you want the same splash screen on all Android versions, so my plugin uses those guidelines exclusively.


Any news in this issue? I woul like to use default capacitor generator of splash…

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