Android 12 / Android 13 Capacitor Splash screen issue

Hello, my app running on ionic 6 and capacitor 4 has that weird splash screen view (it works fine on android 11 and less and on ios)

In a12 and android 13 i just see this:

How to fix?
I tried to follow the guide but nothing changes


On Android 12+ the android:background of the theme no longer works.
It will use your app icon by default.
You can change the default icon with another one by adding <item name="android:windowSplashScreenAnimatedIcon">@drawable/youricon.png</item> to the AppTheme.NoActionBarLaunch theme. Doesn’t need to be animated despite the name say animated, but has to be an icon, not a full screen image.
You can also change the color of the background to match your icon background <item name="android:windowSplashScreenBackground">@color/...</item>. Or you can probably make the background of your icon transparent.


got it,
thank you!
that’s weird anyway, it looks “ugly” now :smiley:

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For the best user experience, your app should call hide() as soon as possible . If, instead, you want to show the splash screen for a fixed amount of time, set launchShowDuration in your Capacitor configuration file.

It’s already set. The problem is related to this new “kind” of splash screen, which is just shown as an icon on Android 12 and 13

This looks terrible. I feel sorry for my clients. From what I read there was some other branding part at the bottom. But it’s not supported or compatible yet for cordova.

warning: this setting is currently unsupported by the Android’s Splash Screen compatability library. See Google Android Issue Tracker

for some reason these icons are not generated on xiaomi devices is there any way to generate these screens?

Same here, at least it shows our app icon or nothing. Still, this makes the splash screen graphics useless.

no, it depends on the device. And how the app started.

On a Samsung with Android 13, sometimes you get the app icon, sometimes nothing.

There isn’t a solution for this?

Nothing is coming up on Xiaomi device…

This issue with the splash screen is a nightmare!

If created another new thread and hope that someone can help. But honestly does somebody of you know what is the best practice to adopt using Ionic and Capacitor with this issue?

*answering to get notified if it gets solved *