Splash Screen is stretched in some devices

I have built a Ionic v4 capacitor app. Everything fine, but we noticed a strange behavior with different devices, both in the class of xxhdpi (Android).

This is how it does appear in a Google Pixel 2 (5 inches, 1080x1920)

And this is how does it appear in a OnePlus 7T (6.55 inches, 1080x2400)

This is the sample splash screen which is being used by both

I tried to use a 9-patch and result was even worse, no matter what. I tried as well to increase height of this picture to 2400, but then i had the opposite issue with a smaller screen. I even tried to edit the native part of the app, editing any xml which had a reference to splsh.png, with no result other than make it even worse (mostly fullscreen and deformed logo). How can i preserve splash’s aspect ratio?

Thank you in advance.

Try adding this to the config.xml Preferences:

<preference name="SplashMaintainAspectRatio" value="true"></preference>

Thank you for you answer. That setting is already in place