[Announce] Better splash screens are here!

Want better splash screens for your Ionic/Capacitor 4 apps? It’s finally here!

  • Silky smooth, seamless transitions from the system splash screen to your app.
  • Full set of hooks for implementing custom animation. :rocket:
  • Full support for localization. :us::brazil:
  • Full support for dark mode. :last_quarter_moon:
  • Full support for Android 12+ splash screens.
  • Splash screen workshop app lets you test splash screens and tweak timing parameters. :eyes:
  • Complete control over timing when testing splash screens: delay, fade in, duration, fade out. :stopwatch:
  • Specify time units in seconds or milliseconds. :hourglass:



great news, i’ll try asap

I installed the package, modified the files:
I have followed your guide up to this point :

In your app’s MainActivity.java, add a call to SplashScreen.initLaunchTime():

Then I launched ‘npx cap sync’ and got this error:

✖ Updating iOS native dependencies with pod install - failed!
✖ update ios - failed!
[error] Ignoring ffi-1.13.1 because its extensions are not built. Try: gem pristine ffi --version 1.13.1
        Analyzing dependencies
        [!] Unable to find a specification for `AparajitaCapacitorLogger` depended upon by
        You have either:
        * out-of-date source repos which you can update with `pod repo update` or with `pod install --repo-update`.
        * mistyped the name or version.
        * not added the source repo that hosts the Podspec to your Podfile.

Could you please help me, I decided to try your package because I have problems with the standard capacitor 4 package.
With 3 everything was working perfectly and I don’t need animations or anything, I just want it to work properly on Android again.

Did you use npm or pnpm to install?

I use:
npm install @aparajita/capacitor-splash-screen

In any case I just discovered it’s broken on Android 12. So until that is fixed, there is no point in trying to fix your issue.

Turns out it wasn’t broken, what’s broken is the Android Studio emulator for API 31+.

As for your problem, do npm i @aparajita/capacitor-logger. I’ll update the docs accordingly.

Thank you for this package.
Trying to implement, in MainActivity.java (in Android Studio), this line:

import com.aparajita.capacitor.splashscreen.SplashScreen;

I get a Cannot resolve symbol aparajita error.

Where do I import this from?

nice…I wiil try this…

If you use npm, be sure to install with npm. Also be sure to run cap sync.

Hello I have the same problem and I user cap sync

Which problem? Cannot resolve the symbol? Is the plugin showing up in the project list?

So I managed to install it with pnpm. Android is fine now but on iOS I have a new splash for a while and then I can see stratched another one. Could you please help?