Ionic 6.0 Release Candidate

Originally published at: Ionic 6 Release Candidate: Design, Performance, New Components

:sparkles: The Ionic 6.0 Release Candidate has arrived! :sparkles: Ionic 6 brings design changes, performance improvements, and new components such as accordion, datetime, and bottom sheet. We have been hard at work getting the remaining API changes implemented, and now we are excited to share the Ionic 6 RC with the Ionic community. Be sure…



Maybe I overlooked but shouldn’t the breaking changes doc also mention removal of ion-slide?

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ion-slides was deprecated in Ionic 6 and will be removed in Ionic 7. You do not need to change your ion-slides setup in order to upgrade to Ionic 6.


Cool, can’t wait any longer


I miss a date and time component on the web where we can enter data.

Another useful component would be ion-select with filter

I tried to use sliderjs without ionic, but it miss the feature of freeModeMomentum you made, I got the code in old commit but that hard to implement myself,
It’s possible for your team to create a module for sliderjs with your old code to have a way to migrate without loosing feature ?

Is ionic 6 RC ready for production use? I have an ionic 3 app that I am planning to upgrade to ionic 5 this month.

I wonder if I should upgrade to ionic 6 RC now instead.

The freeModeMomentum feature is still available by setting freeModeMomentum: true on your Swiper component.

We are in the process of updating the migration guide, and I think it makes sense to provide a list of the defaults that ion-slides used to better preserve slides behavior when migration.

No, a Release Candidate should not be considered production ready. You can begin to upgrade your app, but it should not be pushed live as there are still some lingering bugs that we are working through now.

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Thanks for the reply,i use freeModeMomentum in sliderjs but still the momentum is not the same it was in Ionic.
I have try many settings and i cannot reproduce the old one for now.

You may need to adjust other settings. Here are the freeModeMomentum defaults that ion-slides uses: ionic-framework/slides.tsx at 11fda41420343886dabd97096690be38f1c40524 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub

That’s some serious configuration going on for swiper & ion-slides.

Given the large amount of posts and pages on ion-slides, I can imagine it is good to maintain some migration docs on Ion-Slides: Mobile Touch Slider with Built-In & Custom Animation for a long time - even into Ionic 7?

So people can easily find and resolve issues (and help Google help them).

Even if it is just to appreciate the amount of work the team has put in there in the past.

We have no plans to remove this migration guide, so it will be there into Ionic 7 and beyond.

We are looking into making the IonicSlides module automatically add the ion-slides default configuration to make migration easier.

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So I should upgrade to ionic 5 then?

If you are still on Ionic 3, I recommend updating to Ionic 4 first. Once that is done, you can upgrade to Ionic 5, and then Ionic 6 when it is released. Upgrading across major multiple releases is not recommended.

I’m currently going through the process of updating my project to v6 from v5. In the process I also updated my Angular from 10 to 11.

Is there any particular reason I should just update to Angular 12 while I’m at it? Is there any real benefit (or any potential issues with this)?

I got the default value, what is difficult to get is this : ionic-framework/swiper.bundle.js at ea34e504308200c7a109f2802d2bdaa9f0a2c5d0 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub
Who seems you create some sort of velocity calc

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That code is part of the Swiper code base and not custom Ionic code. You can see the same code in the Swiper code base here: swiper/free-mode.js at e641fd29a21f8037938112c629fc8793044444e6 · nolimits4web/swiper · GitHub

Check to make sure you have imported and installed the Free Mode module otherwise this code will not get triggered: Swiper API

edit: I think there is more we can do with the IonicSwiper module to make this setup easier as there is a lot of config that ion-slides does under the hood.

What is “rc” stands for?

“RC” is short for Release Candidate.