Announcing the Ionic Framework v6 Beta

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Earlier this week I had the privilege of giving the Ionic Framework Update at Ioniconf 2021 where we announced the Ionic Framework v6 beta. Ionic Framework has come far from its roots as an AngularJS-only UI library to a truly cross-platform framework for building Web Native applications. As we look to the future of Ionic…


Great to see the bundle size is reducing. To get that benefit, we’ve to use ionic with vue/react/angular?

Can we get the benefit on bundle size when building ionic app with stencil?

Glad to see the team is working on the datetime control. I would like to see the option to “loop” the date/time selections back to the beginning/end for all the datetime values except for maybe the year value. It would also be nice to be able to use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll through the values. We also had trouble with the min and max values being honored in ionic when the time format was set to 12hr format. We have had to use Mobiscroll’s control because Ionic lacked these features, but for simplicity sake, I would rather stick with one solution.

Check it out here:

It’s a very mature and feature rich product.

Wow! Ionic very awesome. <3

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Very excited for this. Thanks Ionic team

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I’m developing an app and I will definitely upgrade to v6 - should I wait until the stable release, or is it better to upgrade now to v6 beta?

I recommend waiting until at least the Release Candidate (RC) to begin updating your app. Until then, APIs are subject to change. With an RC, the API is finalized and the team will be focusing on bug fixes only.


Is Ionic v5 able to run on a device running iOS15?

Yes, Ionic v5 apps are compatible with iOS 15 though they will not have the latest design changes.

Just checked the docs. Really excited about the inline modal and sheet modal!