Ionic 5 Video Player

Hi I have been searching for video player from local file to ios, in ionic documentation just state for android, how to solve it? I have try many time but still cant found the solution, I need to build an offline application

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Do you want to develop a video player in ionic? Is it your question. Sorry! But, I got confused about your problem. @aida233

I’m sorry for the confusion, yup, I want to add video player in ionic 5 angular 8. When I follow this tutorial , I have trouble on " import { VideoPlayer } from ‘@ionic-native/video-player/ngx’; " where ionic not detect “@ionic-native/video-player/ngx”

Is there any chance you failed to follow step 2 of the blog post you linked?

When I figure out, yup I having prob on npm, but I have tried it many time installing, n I got it, thank you! But now I have to open emulator ios, as it use cordova, or it can open in browser?

If you want to test in browser then read this: Testing your app - Ionic Framework
It contains testing in 3 methods: Mobile, Desktop and Simulator.