Is there a working sample of playing local video on android device

I have tried different ways and still not getting video playing on android device. Any idea if somebody this issue.
I used even crosswalk cordova plugin ( cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview) with no luck.
The sample here is based on non local video resource. I have tried with remote video resource and it works fine.

Hello @alanemhio
Did you solve your problem?
I have a same issue.
If you did, please share the solve method.
Thank you.

The problem is not solved. I will try with ionic 2 ( angular 2 and type script later ) since my previous trial was based on ionic 1

Did you finish your work with Ionic 2?
If you solve your origin problem with Ionic 2, please tell me how to solve that.
In fact, I created my code with Ionic 2.
Thank you and good luck.