VideoPlayer plugin from ionic native is not working


I need to open a native video player to play the video from local file storage or directly streamed from server. I installed VideoPlayer plugin but it has started complaining in console as follows.

Native: tried calling, but the t plugin is not installed. main.js:181
Install the t plugin: ‘ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-videoplayer’ main.js:186

I have written a code as follows:

 import { VideoPlayer } from 'ionic-native';
  playVideo(): void {"")
    .then(() => {
      console.log('video completed');
    }).catch(err => {

Please point me any resources telling any other way to invoke native video player.

same problem, why is this not working, and why isn’t ionic support not responding to this?

Well, we may better create an issue on the ionic native project on github. I did so:

If you’re still having problems, i used this plugin instead,

If you point to a media (fileEntry.toURL()) on the file system it works.

The streamingmedia plugin api does not have a way to close / stop the video while it’s playing. Any idea if there’s another plugin that allows you to play and stop the video before it ends?

Thank you!