Ionic 5 instalar

Hola muy buenas ,. disculpen esta pregunta pero soy muy nuevo con ionic
queria saber si es posible instalar una version especifica de ionic ??

por ejemplo quiero utilizar la 5 pero al ejecutar el comando de consola me instala la 6.7.0…
yo quiero usar la 5 …

es posible instalar solo la 5 ???

Sorry, my Spanish is terrible, but don’t confuse the CLI version with the framework version. They are two completely different things.

very good thank you very much for answering … the problem I have is that I am doing an “ionic 5” course but when I run the project creation code it is not the same code as mine, according to my version of “ionic” it is the 6 … , then that is my doubt if it is possible to install the specific version ,