My Ionic 4 Starter with Side Menu & Tabs

Here is my starter with latest versions of ionic (4.1.1) and angular (7.2.9). Contains side menu and tabs. It can be useful for newbies.

You can view it at Github with additional info:

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Thanks very much!

I still haven’t got my head around how the routing works.

How would you configure it so that the url for Home is ‘’, and all the other pages are direct children of ‘’…



In fact you should inspect "main.module. It holds the tab pages’s routing. Because of home path set to home in main, you are already in home context. So ‘’ indicates the context that you are in.

Sorry, I don’t understand…is it possible to have the URLs as I indicated, or not?


Not with this design. All pages use ion-router-outlet that is in So URLs are like menu/page-name. And tabs have to have an extra path like “tabs” as i know. So tabs path are like menu/main/tabs/page-name.

If you put a page route to app-routing-module (like login), it’ll work like just /login but without side menu.

Thanks, I’ll experiment :grinning: