Ionic 4 - Routing problem with ion-back-button

Hey guys,

I try to explaine the problem and hope of your help :slight_smile:

After login into the app there is a startpage with some items:


  • item 1
  • item 2

Now you can touch/click on item 1 and you’ll see the item one page and the item1.html has got the ion-back-button, so if you touch/click on that, you’ll see the startpage.ts again.
so far so good.

Now if you for intance click on item 2. the item2.ts will send you back to startpage.ts with
because, let say, the user is not allowed to see the content of item2 page.
so far so good.

Now the problem begins, if you try to click on item1 and after that on ion-back-button.
This is the moment where it gets wiered. After clicking on ion-back-button it shows the item2.ts (i guess from router cache or something like that) and the page has got no content in it.