Hardware backbutton is breaking my app with ion-router


I’ve create a PWA where I use the ion-router-outlet next to an ion-menu.
My menu items are built like:
<ion-item button (click)=“NavigateToPage(‘page1’)”>

My NavigateToPage function simply calls navcontroller.NavigateForward().

Everything seemed fine, but when I use the backbutton after a certain navigation order my app breaks.

So I have the following router links:

When starting the app, I navigate to Home as default. So my routing is /Home
In my menu I have access to Home, Page1 and Page2.
Page3 is only available from Page1, but is also triggered with navigateForward.

I perform the following actions:
I click in my menu on Page1 so my router is set to /Page1.
Then I click on Page 2, then Page 1 again and then from Page1 I click on a button which leads me to Page3.

Now I press my hardware backbutton on my phone (or in chrome just type in console: window.history.back()), so I go back to my previous page.

The first back action goes well.
The second already acts strange: the UI navigates back like it should, but throws an error because it cannot perform something from Home.ngOnDestroy.
The third back action navigates back, but breaks my view and shows Page1 two times.
All other back actions will add another broken view, but eventually, when I a broken homeview is added (So my history is back at root) and I press back 1 more time, my view refreshes and is repaired again.

Any idea on why this is happening? It feels like angular is working with a different history then Ionic and therefore acting different on history.back?