Ionic 4 hides the back button on some pages of my mobile application

Hello friends, please I have a problem on ionic 4
I would like to know why on my mobile application, when I open two successive pages I usually have the back button that disappears on one of the pages, before I get on the home page

<ion-buttons slot="start">

This is a BUG in ionic 4 with uses MODAL???

For the solve this problem i created…

 <ion-buttons slot="start" >
            <ion-icon name="arrow-back" style="zoom:0.7; padding-left: 15px; padding-right: 15px"
    voltarModal() {
        this.modalCtrl.dismiss().then(() => {

I hope this help! :wink:

Do u mind share ur route setting code, it should be like this:

      path: 'search',
      loadChildren: '../search/search.module#SearchPageModule'
      path: 'search/result',
      loadChildren: '../search-result/search-result.module#SearchResultPageModule'}