Ionic 4 - POS Print

Hi guys,
I am working with a Simple POS web application using angular 4.
Is there any good solution for POS printing(thermal /raw) ?

we can send API To PHP Page and use pint mike42 library to print directly

I wrote a few years back a cordova app which made use of the Zebra IMZ 320 printers.

It required the following basic steps:

1: Generate CPCL code to send to the printer. I wrote a library for doing just that…

2: Incorporate the Zebra driver (Android)…

3: Incordova the Zebra driver for iOS

When you submit your app to the Apple app store you need from permission from Zebra, which they always grant from my experience.

it is good solution for online… we have offline support as well… Have you ever work with any other solutions??

Thanks you for indicating another good project for my laravel projects :slight_smile:

I created an exe in that is called by exec in php…!!!