Using Zebra printers in Android kitkat using cordova

Hey Guys.

Is their any way of using zebra printers in android. I have integrated printer but it shows all cloud printers . It is done using android printing framework.But sometime app get crashed with this . I am printing html file. File size is around 300kb in pdf.

Any suggestion for printers ? Zebra printers in cordova?

Have you tried this plugin?

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I tried with in ionic 2 and it doesn’t work, do we have to install any android plug on android phone?

have you got any printer plugin for ionic 2 or any workaround for this requirement

We had to use zebra printer for printing the bar code ionic we used zebra printer sdk to develop custom plugin.Is this what you are looking for.?

I am looking for to connect USB printing via android device

I haven’t seen plugin for usb printing so far, you mentioned android device is it phone device ?

the better options I would suggest either use plugin that supports bluetooth or over tcp/ip network inturn wifi too.

if it has to be usb specific then check specifics of vendor printer that should have an sdk for usb where you can write custom Cordova plugin on top of it.