How to use blutooth plugin to print image on small printer?

Hello guys, i want to print my image and data to small pocket blutooth printer. I installed blutooth plugin and printed string. But now i am not getting how to print logo to that printer with that plugin. Please help i am stucked not getting solution. :frowning:

@sedar Any good luck on this? I need to print HTML and Images on ionic v3 using bluetooth printer

Were you able to print something at least without bluetooth?

What printer are you wanting to use?
I wrote drivers for Zebra printers a few years back.

To be honest, I am beginning to learn about printers. But I need the code to work in most of them as I work for several small business.

You’ll possibly need to re-evaluate your scope as it’s a difficult endeavour per printer type.

Zebra printers work with CPCL / ZPL code which can encode images etc…